Portuguese <> Spanish translation

English > Spanish translation

Portuguese-Spanish-Portuguese interpreting

Proofreading of texts and style editing of academic work.

Extensive experience with large volumes of work; academic work; books; theses; articles; general corporate documentation such as contracts, accounting statements, financial reports, annual reports or training courses for Human Resources; corporate presentations; legal reports; professional opinions; lawsuits; commercial texts; web pages; etc.

High quality translations and proofreading and within the stipulated deadlines.

Laura Criado Sánchez currently lives in Madrid, although she maintains strong professional links with Brazil and travels there frequently. She is able to travel as necessary to interpret for events, fairs, business meetings, training courses and other commitments.


  • High quality translation and interpreting
  • Wealth of experience
  • Commitment to delivery deadlines
  • Proofreading and editing accuracy
  • International academic training
  • Legal specialization
  • Books
  • Doctoral theses
  • Articles
  • Web pages
  • All types of publications
  • Interpreter



Professional with broad experience and various published books. Languages; Portuguese – English – Spanish.


Experience at fairs, community and business conferences, assisting business organizations and mediating in international adoption procedures, amongst others.


Quality, accuracy and a refined style guarantee that the meaning of the original text has been translated correctly.


Editing of original texts to refine and enhance the style as much as possible.